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»  Procedures on Obtaining a Driver License in VietNam
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»  Necessary note for foreigners when driving in Vietnam
»  베트남에서 운전하는 외국인에 대한 주의 사항
»  外国人在越南开车的必要注意
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»  運転免許試験の受験手続き等ご案内
»  A Guide to Motorcycle License Test
»  驾驶考证试说明
»  베트남에서 운전하기위해 외국인에게 운전 면허증을 바꾸기 전에 잘 읽어야 할 주의사항
»  ベトナムで運転できるために外国運転免許証変更前の留意点
»  外国人更换驾驶证之前应注意如下内容:
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A Guide to Motorcycle License Test


There are two categories of candidates:



Those foreigner not holding any driver license issued by any foreign country must take both written and practice tests for a motorcycle license in Vietnam.


Written test requires literacy of Vietnamese.


Duration of the motorcycle license:


* If you do not have any Vietnamese plastic card-type driver license, the motorcycle license validity would be permanent


* If you have a Vietnamese driver license, the validity duration of this motorcycle license would be equal to that of your visa or temporary residence card


(Upon expiration of this Vietnamese motorcycle license, it shall be extended at the Department of Transportation - the renewal duration is equal to that of your visa or temporary residence card)




For a foreigner holding a driver license issued by a foreign country:


He/she shall have his/her driver license translated, then register for a practice test only, not written test.


Validity duration of this motorcycle license:


equal to the duration of your visa or temporary residence card or your foreign driver license, whichever comes first


(Upon expiration of this Vietnamese motorcycle license, you will have to take the test again since it cannot be renewed - all charges are applicable)




Both two categories of candidates shall be charged a lump sum fee of VND 700,000-800,000 (for class A1) and vnd 2.000.000-2.500.000 (for class A2)  if taking the test on their own.


Please be aware of that in Vietnam some test service providers, upon receipt of candidates' application for driver license, require nothing more than the candidate's presence at the test. You should take careful consideration and seek for a clear agreement before carrying on, rather than lose your money.


* Check-in time before the test - including time for pre-test practice - is not less than 2 hours


* There is no clear chance that you can absolutely pass the written test. Many people pass the test for the second or third chance (and they must pay the test fee again)


* Practice test is a difficult, you should do it yourself. Those failing the test for the first time shall wait for 2 weeks before taking the second chance, as your performance is scored by electronic machine. Please refer to:


You should reach a clear agreement. Many customers having paid the registration fee but failing the test cannot have their money refunded!


Best of luck!

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