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»  Procedures on Obtaining a Driver License in VietNam
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»  驾驶考证试说明
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»  ベトナムで運転できるために外国運転免許証変更前の留意点
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Dear valued customer!

 There are a lot of ways to fulfill a Vietnamese Driving License

Required documents: 


2-Visa or Resident card or Visa exemption 

3-Foreign driving license ( Except International Driving License - International Driving License is not allowed to change into Vietnamese driving license)

4- 1 color photo

5- Address in Vietnam ( It will be shown  on Vietnamese Driving License – my office address is allowed)

 Since 2013, validity of the Vietnamese Driving License will be applied as per validity of the visa when it is changed from one foreign driving license.

For example:

Visa of 1 month => Validity of Vietnamese Driving License will be 01 month only

Visa of 3 months => Validity of Vietnamese Driving License will be 3 months only

Visa of 6 months => Validity of Vietnamese Driving License will be 6 months only

 Validity of Temporary Resident card of 1 or 2 or 3 years => Vietnamese Driving License will be valid in 1 or 2 or 3 years

 The Visa exemption 5 years => Vietnamese Driving License be valid in 5 years

 * It is also fulfilled for travel visa of 01 or two weeks

 * We can fulfill Vietnamese Driving License that is longer than your visa validity

 * If validity of FOREIGN Driving License is shorter than validity of visa , residence card or visa exemption => Vietnamese Driving License  will be expire as same as validity  of Foreign Driving License ( not as same as visa)

 * The original foreign Driving License has class of motorcar only => convert => Vietnamese Driving License will be issued class of motorcar only

 * If the foreign Driving License has both classes of motorcar and motorcycle => Vietnamese Driving License will be issued both classes of motorcar and motorcycle ( don't need test)

* If someone wants to convert from class of Motorcar (foreign) to class of Motorcycle (Vietnamese) => must attend the practicing test => it will be fulfilled within 3-4 weeks.- in this case, Vietnamese Driving License will expire as same as validity of foreign  Driving License

* I can convert from class of Motorcar (foreign) =>  Vietnamese Driving License included class of Motorcycles=> you don't need to attend the practicing test!

* I can apply for issuing the license before you come to Viet Nam - all document shall be sent to my email - In this case , it will take about 14 working days!


Important :

1-  When I completed for you , I will send a picture of your Vietnamese Driving License and you can check your information at website of  Department Transport of Vietnam 

2- When you confirmed your Vietnamese Driving License is legal --> ou only pay the fees when you pick the license up already !

If you do not have any Foreign Driving License , we can help you , please contact us !

 In Vietnam, some companies offer the change of foreign driving license into Vietnamese driving license with the price of 50-60-70 US dollars.

However, in the praxis, they just translate the foreign driving license into Vietnamese, and when You go to the Department of Transport to proceed, you must wait in numerical order.

Until the Vietnamese driving license is granted, You must go to there for receipt and wait in numerical order once again.

Therefore, to avoid being deceived, before proceeding with any service companies, You should clearly agree with such companies that:

·         You shall only go to the Department of Transport for one time – be present for just 2-3 minutes for completion – not wait in numerical order !

·         Until the Vietnamese driving license is granted, it should be delivered to You in place.

·         You shall only pay fees upon receipt of the Vietnamese driving license in hand – not pay any deposit without Vietnamese driving license.

Office TPHCM : 428 - Điện Biên Phủ street - District 1 - Hồ Chí Minh City
Office Hà Nội: 101 - Láng Hạ street - Đống Đa District - Hà Nội City
Office Huế : 23 -Hà Nội street -Huế City
Office Cần Thơ : 17 - Lê Lợi street - Ninh kiều District - Cần Thơ City
Hotline : +84 983 247 057 

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